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Teach me to Grow

Our Mission

Restoring the People Plant Connection through online garden support services.

Teach Me To Grow was born in 2015 while I was weeding my garden in Denver. After spending years working all over the horticulture industry from commercial greenhouse production to small farm installations,

I’ve come to know that growing food is what’s most important.


The Sustainable Gardener – Supported Grower


The Sustainable Gardener – Accelerated Grower

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I feel oftentimes folks are turned off or intimidated by the idea of gardening even through they are interested because perhaps it’s out of their wheelhouse, not enough time, or they feel they are cursed with a “black thumb”.

I decided that providing gardening knowledge that is approachable, practical, and accessible is a service that can help to create and establish hundreds of new gardeners!…

…Resulting in hundreds of new gardens and a deeper awareness and connection to ourselves, each other and our planet.

For nearly 6 years I ran Teach Me To Grow as a local company in Northern Colorado, providing hands-on coaching and garden installation. In January of 2023, I closed up shop to move to Texas and learn about a whole new growing environment. This is when I decided to take Teach Me To Grow COMPLETELY ONLINE!

The benefits of a food-producing garden or landscape way overarch just the quality of food that comes out of it! 

Gardens have a way of creating positive change.

I never want to stop encouraging and equipping new gardeners with everything they need to know to be successful. And so far, my budding virtual offerings have proven to be highly successful in accomplishing this goal! 

I hope you join me as I continue to craft TMTG into a leading online garden education company to help folks just like you become a confident and accomplished gardener!

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“Let’s garden our way into a healthier, more connected future.”

-Andrea Vanderbilt, Owner & Horticulturist

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