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I'm Andrea Vanderbilt

I found gardening in 2012 after volunteering at my college student farm. After just one season, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve worked professionally in nearly every realm of horticulture you can imagine, but at the end of the day, my heart knows that growing healthy, organic food in the home landscape is what’s most fulfilling for us as individuals, and as a collective. 

Through over 11 years of growing experience, I have learned through nearly every trial and error nature can throw at me when it comes to gardening. I’ve dealt with every weather event, grown food in 3 different growing zones, consulted on hundreds of gardens and have set up dozens of home garden systems. 

I founded Teach Me To Grow six years ago to share my knowledge and streamline the process of becoming a successful gardener so folks like you can enjoy the life-changing benefits of the garden faster and with more efficiency. I know what’s important to grow food effortlessly and what will keep you in struggle. I believe in teaching the why behind gardening concepts, not just the how, because I know that this foundation of knowledge is what creates a powerful, successful, and confident gardener.

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“Garden as though you will LIVE forever” - William Kent