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Gardening is Connection

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Gardening is Connection. I see so many new and novice gardeners approach the garden with the desire to control and the expectation of a certain outcome. I see new gardeners watering and tending the garden quickly, impatiently, unconsciously… This approach surely leads to disappointment and frustration when it comes harvest time, but most importantly, this […]

The History of Victory Gardens

Ever heard of a Victory Garden? During World War I, the United States government encouraged citizens to contribute to the war effort by planting and cultivating food gardens to feed themselves and their communities.  In this time, with European farmers being recruited to military service and farmland being converted into battlefields, the majority of America’s […]

Amending Your Soil

There seems to be a lot of chatter about “amending your soil”. Some folks pose the question of, “what does that even mean?  What Does Amend Your Soil mean? “Amending” means “to alter, modify, or improve”. Healthy soil is alive with invisible microbes, fungi, and other visible critters like worms and centipedes. These hard-working life […]

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