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Teach me to Grow

Proper placement is key to a productive garden set-up

1-on-1 Consultations

A healthy and productive garden starts with a solid plan. Save hours of trial and error and avoid critical mistakes by creating or reviewing your garden plans or progress with an expert.

Depending on your specific needs, during our consultation time, we will:

  • Analyze issues in your existing garden and create solutions based on my expert advice and recommendation

  • Create a step-by-step plan to help you move your DIY gardening project forward

  • Answer any lingering questions that are holding you back from starting or growing a successful backyard garden

  • Define your goals and objectives for a larger design and discuss working together to create a professional design for your space

There’s nothing more powerful than having a strong team to help you achieve the results you desire from your garden space. Let’s work together! Let’s get growing!

Consultation Testimonials

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