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When a garden is set-up correctly, it becomes a food-producing MACHINE… pumping out a variety of healthy fruits and veg throughout the season with minimal effort and input.

Key words here: “set-up correctly”!!!

I have met with many a novice gardener desperate to understand why their efforts are not paying off! And commonly, there is a set-up issue at play.

Read on for 3 of the most common garden set-up mistakes I see as a garden consultant and a quick tip for each to remediate them.

Getting the foundation and set up in the garden right ends up saving you a ton of time, effort, frustration and even money in the long run!!

If you’re looking to create a food machine in your backyard, check out our Sustainable Gardener course to walk you through the key elements that will springboard you straight to success.

Healthy soil is key to a proper garden set-up

3 Common Garden Set-Up Mistakes

Common Garden Mistake #1: POOR SOIL

Read more about soil in my blog entry: Amending Your Soil.

Consistent irrigation is key to a proper garden set-up

Common Garden Mistake #2: INCONSISTENT WATERING

Tip to resolve: Set up a basic drip irrigation system. (You can thank me later).

Proper placement is key to a productive garden set-up

Common Garden Mistake #3: POOR GARDEN PLACEMENT

Tip to resolve: Place your garden in an area with FULL SUN and close proximity to your home entry points, or near a frequently visited place in your landscape.

Where are YOU in your growing journey?

Are you ready to create that abundant food garden you’ve been dreaming about for so long?! There is never a better time to start planning, building, or amending a garden than RIGHT NOW!I’ve created the Sustainable Gardener course to take you straight to success so you can enjoy the health, vitality, and satisfaction of growing a healthy backyard food garden without the frustration or wasted time from trial and error.

The best thing that you can do to grow an abundance of healthy food in your garden with ease is to learn the foundational knowledge of what creates a healthy garden ecosystem.

My flagship course, The Sustainable Gardener takes you through a complete and proven A to Z framework to help you understand soil, irrigation, planting, timing, garden layout and so much more and guides you to apply it to YOUR garden space so you can save time, effort and money from trial and error and get straight to the good stuff!

The course is a game-changer so get ready to Grow!

Thanks for reading this blog entry, I hope you found it helpful!

Hope to see you soon.

In Growing,

Andrea Vanderbilt

Founder, Teach Me To Grow

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