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Teach me to Grow

Dive into the key elements of a healthy garden system like soil, compost, amendments, water, sun hours, and airflow to help you create a thriving garden. After this module you will feel 100% confident in choosing and applying the compost and amendments that are perfect to build your soil health and structure. We’ll also take a detailed look at water in the garden and you’ll outline an irrigation plan that will work for you.

Other things to look forward to include exploring a wide variety of composts and amendments that you can apply to your garden to help you build healthy, nutritious soil.  You will learn about soil structure and how this is the hidden key to growing healthy food crops! This will help you build your very own 3 year plan to cultivate your soil health and structure using composts and amendments that are local to your area.  Lastly, you’ll learn all about mulch including cover crops and using live mulches and the critical role it plays in a healthy garden.