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Teach me to Grow

In this module,  we roll out the red carpet for each vegetable crop to makes its appearance! You’ll learn about which crops grow best in the home garden, and we rank each crop by ease to grow and the value it will bring to your garden. We also spotlight the growing habit of the crops, and their preferred growing temperature range to get you ready for planting with confidence! You’ll also learn about some of the best food producing perennials that add life-long value and a diversified harvest to your sustainable garden space (grapes, berries, asparagus, oh my!)!

Highlights include getting to know over 30 common vegetable crops that you can grow in your veg garden! You will learn how to choose the crops that fit your space and preferences to include in your garden. Lastly, you will learn how perennial veg crops add value, habitat, and harvest to your garden ecosystem.